Sunday, 31 July 2011

Birchgrove, Ballast Point Park

Ballast Point Park in the inner west suburb of Birchgrove is configured in terraced sections leading down to Sydney Harbour which each provide scenic views including this one of the Sydney city skyline.


  1. You're holding back one for tomorrow, aren't you? I can sense it ...

  2. I do have a good one for tomorrow's theme day. :)

  3. Great image! Gorgeous view of the city J.

  4. Haha! Julie is on to you Jim, looking forward to tomorrow! The Sydney skyline is so appealing!

  5. I read your post on Julie's blog. Get well soon, Jim.

  6. What exquisite stonework!


    Shadows above me,
    Shadows below;
    Some shadows swift and
    Some shadows slow;
    All of these shadows,
    It’s plain to see,
    Are my compadres—
    Sweet company!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sweeping Shadows

  7. Thanks, Alan. I'm posting in advance for the week ahead now and hopefully I can get back to blogging later in the week.

  8. what material do they use for the wall?

  9. Ballast Point will probably never be on the international, or even the national tourist agenda, but it does look so interesting.

  10. These sturdy wall look like they could have come over from ancient England. They are awesome structures. Your city continues to amaze me with its beauty. Sad I am too old now to make the long trip to visit. I would have really loved that in my days of flying which are sadly now over. Too far for the old back. Genie

  11. Interesting textures. Sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you can keep blogging.

  12. Ann, the wall is made up of rocks and recycled building materials which have been kept together with a wire frame.

    Diane, thanks. I will try and get back to blogging as soon as I can.

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