Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Paddington, Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is located on the corner of Oxford Street and Underwood Street, in the inner city suburb of Paddington. It was built in 1910 in the Edwardian architectural style and has been owned by the same family for over 100 years. Yesterday was the twelfth day of Christmas so the decorations on the facade should be coming down now.


  1. It is rare for a family to hold a commercial property for a century. Outstanding! «Louis» wishes he could book a room there!
    M. Scélérat, éditeur à «Louis»: You need to get your bovine butt to Australia, first...
    «Louis» à M. Scélérat, éditeur: You are so right, boss!

  2. I love old buildings. It's a bit of comfort to know that this is a family-owned place and is taken care of.

  3. Well preserved, and it even retains it's original use. Beautiful old building!

  4. Jim, I know history moves on and architectural taste with it. But I cannot help compare gorgeous Victorian pubs, with shady balconies and wrought iron decoration to this less-than-delicate Edwardian monument. Have a look at your photo of the Nag's Head in Glebe - people must have thought it was utterly beautiful. And still is.

    1. Yes, the balconies on those Victorian pubs are marvellous.

  5. It is such an interestingly shaped building. How nice for the family to have kept it. Happy Ruby Tuesday Too!

  6. awesome shot; have a nice Tuesday

    much love...


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