Thursday 23 January 2014

State Library of New South Wales, Mitchell Wing

The front entrance of the Mitchell Wing of the State Library of New South Wales, is located along Shakespeare Place, off Macquarie Street. The State Library of New South Wales is the oldest library in Australia. The Mitchell Wing was completed in 1910 and built to house the immense and unrivalled collection of Australiana donated by book collector David Scott Mitchell to the people of New South Wales. The facade of this heritage listed building is designed in the Neo Classical architectural style. The "Form 1 Planet" sign in the scene on the banners is promoting a photographic exhibition currently in the Exhibition Galleries.


  1. Don't you love it when a generous benefactor gives his personal collection of treasures to the State? David Scott Mitchell must have been amazing.... so much so that the Mitchell Wing had to be built completed before WW1, largely for his gifts. I wish he were my grandfather.

  2. Australia looks just wonderful. Sometimes I go on Google Streetview just to check out the different cities! Anyway, great photos.

  3. What a fabulous gift. And the architecture is so nice. Australia has beautiful buildings and so may cultural sites. It is a shame it is so far from the US.

  4. Absolutely beautiful library!


  5. Love the Form one P LANE T sign, saw it sans camera. Thanks.

    1. Yes, it's a classic defacement which I'm sure has been recreated often.

  6. Beautiful building and a great photo and shadows as always, Jim!! Hope your weekend is going well!

  7. I always thought that this perspective of the library reminded me of a grand temple. Still haven't changed my mind. It certainly has an atmosphere of importance.


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