Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Botanic Gardens, Exxopolis

'Exxopolis' is a large-scale inflatable sculpture temporarily located outside the Royal Botanic Gardens on the Sydney Opera House forecourt for the Festival of Sydney. This luminarium is a labyrinth of tunnels and spacious domes constructed of translucent vinyl filled with a kaleidoscope of light and colour. The name Exxopolis acknowledges Eggopolis, the first luminarium created by Architects of Air, the ‘GG’ having been replaced by ‘XX’ to refer to the 20th luminarium design and the 20th anniversary of the company. In 2011, "'Mirazozo'" was another luminarium located at this site.


  1. My first thought was that it is a children's inflatable bouncer.. It is a colorful exhibit. Have a happy week!

  2. You always have the best colors and photos for OWT ~ carol, xxx


  3. Very colorful indeed. It looks like there might be hundreds of photographic angles to explore. Happy Ruby Tuesday Too.

  4. I know exactly where this is! It looks like a fun exhibit, Jim.

  5. For some reason it makes me think of Japan.

  6. That vinyl would melt here in Perth right now Jim :)

    1. Luckily we haven't been having all those 40 plus degree days here. :)

  7. Fascinating!
    «Louis» wishes he could explore this. The kid in him still likes kaleidoscopes. :-)

  8. I agree with Louis. I would love to explore this. It rely does bring out the inner child. So colorful and interesting.


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