Friday, 2 May 2014

Waverley, tower

This telecommunications tower, behind a telephone exchange rises above a row of town houses in Birrell Street, in the eastern suburb of Waverley. Originally known as the Waverley Radio Telephone Tower, this 82 metre structure was built in 1945 and supports radio systems for telephone, television and data services.


  1. Lovely post for SWF!

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  2. Beautiful how it points to the gorgeous blue sky!

  3. it looks out of place, but the sky is beautifully blue.

  4. That's quite a tower, and I like the deep blue sky!

  5. The sky is so blue ! In Belgium it is not allowed to put up such a tower in areas where people live. It has to be on industrial zones or outside town. We believe that it is unhealthy to live near or under such a tower.

    1. They don't put them so close to homes her either these days but I guess back then the residents didn't have concerns and didn't protest against them.

  6. it is an impressive tower, but I agree with others, it is in a strange spot. :-)

  7. Wonderful sight of construction. Thanks for linking up!

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  8. Impressive tower and no doubt does a good job but wouldn't want it in my back yard. Great photo though.

  9. It is like that in our town. Right up next to someone's place. I know they have to be where they are affective. I am using this for one of the spotlights.


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