Thursday, 2 February 2017

Museum Railway Station

Museum railway station is located underneath the southern end of Hyde Park and named after the nearby Australian Museum. It is served by the T2 Airport, Inner West & South and T3 Bankstown line services. It was designed by John J.C. Bradfield and built in 1926 in the Inter-War Stripped Classical style. It was part of the Eastern City line from Central to St James and became part of the City Circle loop in 1956. The pedestrian tunnels feature a photo history of this station and the platforms feature various period advertisements such as this one for David Jones department store.


  1. That is a fine sign. We are currently living right at a Metro stop, and I just love being able to go all over the city from here.

  2. From a time there where really nice stations build.

  3. I love the inter-war era because, despite the terrible economic instability, there was a confidence that appeared in the arts, literature and architecture. Museum Railway Station seemed to have a strong Deco influence.

  4. Nice one - thanks for joining #ThursdayDoors :-)


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