Friday, 10 February 2017

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Lunar Lanterns, Rabbit

Lunar Lanterns have been installed around Circular Quay to celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival. In the Chinese zodiac, every year is symbolised by an animal and this year is the Year of the Rooster. These Rabbit lanterns performing Tai Chi are located in Hickson Road Reserve close to the southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Last year they were part of a larger display in Customs House Square, created by Claudia Chan Shaw who is also the festival curator as well as author, fashion designer and television host. The Zodiac symbol of the Rabbit can be characterised as trustworthy, empathetic and friendly. The Rabbit is sociable, relishing in the company of others.


  1. Nice to see the colourful rabbits performing Tai Chi with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. Every morning there is a group of seniors performing tai chi at the recreational park where we go for our morning walk.

  2. The Rabbit lanterns are cute. Great shot with the bridge view! Have a happy day and weekend ahead.

  3. How fab Jim.. the rabbit lanterns could not have a more splendid backdrop :)

  4. beautiful. I would love to join the rabbits in stretching. :-)


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