Sunday, 12 February 2017

Surry Hills, Church of Christ Jesus

The Church of Christ Jesus is located on the corner of Chalmers Street and Bedford Street, in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills. This heritage listed church was originally built in 1856 as the Welsh Presbyterian Church in the Victorian Gothic architectural style. The Church of Christ Jesus has its origins in Indonesia known as Gereja Kristus Yesus.


  1. It's a lovely old church Jim, I've seen it a few times when visiting my family who live in Surry Hills.

  2. Very nice - it looks like you caught the early morning or late evening light.

  3. A very appealing architectural style to this one.

  4. Lovely shadows around the elegant and regal church ~ thanks,

    Wishing you Happy and Peaceful days ~ ^_^

  5. This little church seems to be sandwiched close to the new tall building as if for protection. Lovely lighting.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kathe. Looks like you're able to comment on my blog again now.

  7. Nice illustration of the amber light available in golden hour!


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