Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Birchgrove, pontoon

A yacht arrives at this pontoon at the end of Yeend Street, as a ferry heads into Mort Bay in the inner west suburb of Birchgrove. Across the bay is the Waterview Wharf Workshops at Balmain East, with the Sydney city skyline in the background. The Fishburn is a First Fleet Class ferry acquired in 1985 and is part of the fleet that operates on the Inner Harbour. It was named Fishburn, after the one of eleven ships of the First Fleet that sailed to Australia in 1787. 


  1. One of the things I love about Sydney is the Harbour and all it's ferries, wharves, bays and coves.

  2. a beautiful harbour and so wonderful sunshine. I love the port, because there is no industrie, look very nice

  3. love it, what are the colourful buildings in the background?

    1. Those are the Waterview Wharf Workshops. Click on the link to see them close up with some more information.

  4. A great capture - looks like a great place to wile away some time with a buzz of activity.


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