Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Vaucluse, Shark Beach

Shark Beach is located off Nielsen Park, in the eastern suburb of Vaucluse. The netting creates a swimming bath in Vaucluse Bay which provides protection from sharks in Sydney Harbour.


  1. The name of the beach would deter me from swimming there, despite the protective net!

  2. I think the name "Shark Beach" would be enough to keep me on shore.

  3. I agree- the name alone would make me take to a pool instead of the beach!

  4. When I was in primary school, buses brought pupils to St Kilda Baths for swimming lessons because the baths were fully protected by shark nets. This is the first time I have seen sharking netting in a suburban beach for decades. Well done, Vaucluse!

  5. Replies
    1. The beaches around the harbour have some really beautiful sandy beaches.

  6. Lovely place. Beautiful water and beach. Well, there is a shark protection. Regards.


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