Saturday, 25 March 2017

Woronora, bridge

The Old Woronora Bridge crosses the Woronora River, between the southern suburbs of Sutherland and Woronora. The new Woronora River Bridge is a high level bridge which was completed in 2001 to eliminate the steep descents and ascents for traffic, located just north of the low level Old Woronora Bridge.


  1. I remember crossing the old bridge and yes, it was steep.

  2. I only went to Woronora for the first time this year! Can you believe that?!

    1. There are a few good picnic spots along the river there.

  3. How nice of the planners of this bridge to think of the pedestrians! This is still a pretty new bridge, eh? Many thanks for sharing this beautiful view of the bridge with ALL SEASONS (and you handed in the first this week this week:):)) Enjoy the autumn season!

  4. A very nice looking bridge.
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