Saturday, 15 February 2020

George Street

Looking south down George Street from the corner of King Street, on a rainy night.


  1. Going to say my mate who live there said you had a lot of rain, that looks like it has finished

    1. Yes, it was lot of rain in three days. Now we're getting a few showers.

  2. Wow, that wet street has wonderful reflections. Love all the colors.

  3. Neat photo Jim, wish we had such a good transport system here in NZ, ours is rubbish.

  4. Hi Jim. That picture of the wet street looks so nice with the lighting reflections. We used George Street as a friendly street to walk when we were going. We were there in a January and didn't have rain that year.

    1. George Street is even better now for pedestrians since they've built the light rail line and removed traffic from large sections of it.

  5. Great shot with the reflections!
    Is it possible I walked there and there were but cars (way back then)... It never rained, but it was cold.

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