Sunday, 16 February 2020

Paddington, St Matthias Anglican Church

St Matthias Anglican Church, is located long Oxford Street, in the eastern suburb of Paddington. This heritage listed building was designed by Edward Bell and built in 1861 in the Victorian Academic Gothic style.


  1. That Victorian Academic Gothic style is a perfect choice in architecture, and so is the sandstone-ish material.

  2. ...the window would be wonderful to see from the inside on a sunny day.

  3. Had to enlarge to really enjoy the subtle shadows

    Happy Sunday


  4. Very nice! I imagine it is pretty inside too.

  5. Love the architectural style of this Victorian church. The colored brick make it friendlier! Happy you shared with with All Seasons, and have a great summer week!

  6. When you I read Paddington, my silliness switched on and I imagined Paddington Bear moseying by the church. :-)

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