Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Newington Armory, tunnel

This tramway tunnel leading to the Armory Gallery is located at Newington Armory, the former Royal Australian Navy armament depot, in the western suburb of Sydney Olympic Park. The tramway lines were built from Armory Wharf to various buildings on the reserve. The gallery is Building 18, one of the largest armament storehouses on the site, surrounded by earthen banks to contain blasts. It now houses a flexible exhibition space that can accommodate 500 visitors. 


  1. I like its rebirth as something completely different.

  2. Very innovative to re-make something old into something useful!...:)JP

  3. It is great that it has been utilised, unlike Melbourne's Jack's Magazine.

  4. Thanks for sharing this at

  5. Interesting photo. You say it can accommodate 500, but I wonder how many they allow now?

    1. They are certainly not holding any big events there at the moment but they do have an exhibition there right now which attracts a small number of visitors at any one time.

  6. I like going through tunnels, especially if they are short!


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