Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Kurnell, boardwalk

This boardwalk with surfboard benches provides an entrance to Silver Beach, in the southern suburb of Kurnell. Two fisherman are fishing from the sand on either side of a rock groyne which juts into Botany Bay, with the long oil refinery wharf on the tight.


  1. What a lovely vista! I'd love to be there!
    Thanks for joining us at

  2. That's a great scene. I could spend hours on one of those benches, it's so pretty :)

    Thank you for being a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  3. First of all thank you dear Jim, for linking week, after week. though I have not had a chance to visit or comment, on your #WW posts.

    This beach front is so inviting that i wish I could transport myself there, this very moment.

    Hope things are well in your neck of woods. See you again next week.

    Stay safe and cheerful.

  4. Now I KNOW you didn't take that this weekend!! Hope you are dry and your house hasn't sprung a leak!

  5. Ah fishing, hubby hasn't done that for a long time. What a great spot, also with shade for a break:) Thank you for sharing it with all Seasons and have a great week, Jesh
    Just a forewarning, I may not able to continue with the photo link now Wordpress has completely gone over to the block editor. Instead, linking would go with a permalink in a comment.


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