Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hyde Park, cannon

This historic cannon sits among the flower beds along College Street, on the north-eastern corner of Hyde Park. It was cast at Carron Works in Scotland in 1808 and bears the royal cypher of George III. It was originally part of the fortifications at Bennelong Point but when Fort Macquarie was replaced by a tram terminus in 1905 it was moved to this new location opposite St Mary's Cathedral.


  1. Is there another canon further up College Street pointing into Whitlam Square? I did not realise this one that you show today was there. I know there is yet another down in the Quay where all the roads are measured from.

  2. Yes Julie, there is another one down at the other corner of Hyde Park. I hadn't noticed this one myself until recently, when I was taking the snaps nearby that I have featured over the last few days. I'll have to keep an eye out for the one down at Circular Quay.

  3. Yes, that cannon is at Macquarie Place Park. From the First Fleet flagship, HMS Sirius, it is about as significant a cannon can be in Australian history.


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