Thursday, 19 March 2009


Sydney's Chinatown is located in the southern part of the city at Haymarket. Chinese gates are located on both ends of the Dixon Street pedestrian mall along with a decorative pergola and decorative street lights. Many Chinese restaurants and businesses can be found in this area. Continuing the Harmony Day theme, most Chinese immigrants to Australia arrived in the last couple of decades but many Australians have traced some Chinese ancestry, dating all the way back to the Australian Gold Rush days in the 1800s. Most Chinese immigrants came from either mainland China or the former British colony of Hong Kong but many have also come via a third country such as Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines or Vietnam. In the 2006 Census, 3.4% of Australians reported having Chinese ancestry.


  1. Wow ... you are covering the full gammut of our multi-cultural society this week, Jim: Italian, Irish, Greek and Chinese. All you need do now is travel to Lakemba ...

    The Chinatown part of Darling Harbour is a blast for the senses ... I blame it on all those naked ducks hanging from hooks ...

  2. I have already planned something along those lines for tomorrow Julie. Come back and have a look.

  3. I love Chinatown ...thank you for bringing it into my day.

    Since I'm a Sydney girl masquerading as a middle aged country woman.

  4. Nice photos of Chinatown. Especially the first on the flowering tree gives the scene a festive feeling.

  5. This is so cool! We also have lots of chinese immigration here, but not a Chinatown.

  6. Nice place to visit & taking picture.
    We have China Town too in our Capital City of Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur.
    They call it Petaling Street.

  7. Chinese is every where, and here in Thailand we got lot of Chinese. They become all Thai now.

    Thailand In Photos: Naja Chinese Temple, Chonburi


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