Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Wentworthville, St Andrews Presbyterian Church

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church is a beautiful sandstone church along McKern Street, in the western suburb of Wentworthville. This heritage listed church was designed by David Lennox in the Victorian Gothic architectural style. It was originally constructed in the 1840s along Church Street in Parramatta but was relocated stone by stone to the present site in 1928.


  1. That's very impressive and you've shot it well.

    The maintenance shed or whatever on the left detracts a bit, though.

  2. It is a beautiful church, and I really love that sandstone!

  3. Very anglo-saxon in appearance, Jim. Such a contrast from what has gone immediately before.

  4. Yes Julie. It's certainly a contrast to some of those newer places of worship. I'm glad that a lot of these old sandstone churches around Sydney have been preserved.

  5. The "maintenance shed" is actually the vestry, the place where the minister prepares for the service. Sadly, it is tacked on, lacking any cohesion with the church itself. But that's the 70s for you.

    The church originally was in Parramatta before being moved stone by stone to Wentworthville in 1928. Impressive to say the least.

    Great photo. Great church too.

    1. Thanks, Costa K. I have also found some more information which I have added to the post along with some links.


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