Friday, 5 June 2009

Sydney Olympic Park, light towers

These light towers run along Olympic Boulevarde at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay. Each tower feature a commemorative plaque for one of the cities that have held Summer Olympic Games in the modern era, such as the first olympics in Athens 1898, Paris 1900 & 1924 and Munich 1972. This tower in the foreground is dedicated to Melbourne 1956, the only other Australian city to host the games.


  1. So you're n Sydney! I'm in Newcastle, which we think is infinitely preferable to the Big Smoke!

    Ten or eleven years ago we came to see the progress being made on the Olympic site. I remember a problem with frogs. Have they returned to the pond?

  2. Yes, Rinkly Rimes. The discovery of the frogs caused them to build the tennis courts elsewhere and they preserved the pond, which was actually the old Brickpit. I featured a photo of that a few days ago here. They have monitored the Green and Golden Bell Frogs at Homebush Bay since the Olympics.


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