Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sydney Olympic Park, railway station

Olympic Park railway station serves the stadiums at Homebush Bay. It is an underground station that is located on a balloon loop. There are limited services on weekdays from Lidcombe station and regular services from other stations during special events.


  1. Nice patch of Gymea Lillies growing there, Jim. I am continually amazed how many photos you can take of just the structures without pesky people getting in the way. I have learnt to accommodate people into my shots but really dislike it if they turn around and give signs of any sort - or stick their tongue out!

  2. Believe me Julie, it's not easy taking these photos without people getting in the way. I usually pick the quietest days to take the photos of landmarks and it also often involves some waiting around and being very patient. Sometimes including people is unavoidable but I share your frustration with those randoms that do something really annoying to spoil an otherwise perfect shot.

  3. Great shots. From the first two photos, I actually thought this was the entrance to a stadium or something. Cool!


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