Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Customs House, Vivid Sydney

Customs House is a heritage building at Circular Quay that has been turned into a cultural destination. It features a library, function rooms, a restaurant and bar. During the Vivid Sydney festival, the building was bathed in blue light and had laser displays flashed across the facade (above). The Smart Light installation in the forecourt (below) known as Lumenocity was an abstracted energy consumption map of the Sydney CBD.

A full-scale model of the Sydney CBD is embedded beneath a glass floor at ground level and artwork is displayed throughout the building. Green Void currently hangs in the atrium (below) and it was also one of the objects featured in the laser display.


  1. I love the top ones of Customs House, I couldn't capture that with the leans I was using. What camera are you using now, are you using tripod or hand held?

  2. Nothing really professional Ann. Just a new compact Canon IXUS110 camera. It was all hand held, using the ISO320 setting for low light. Obviously not as good as a camera that you can adjust all the settings yourself but good enough.

  3. I'm off in a huff now, I think photos taken at night of colourful buildings should be banned,

    At least till I find some of my own!

    The last few days have been terrific.

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  4. Hi! Your blog is very nice. The photographs are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.


  5. Awesome, cool, blue photos!!! Love 'em! Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  6. The blue is so pretty in these pictures!

  7. I love all of this lighting and the colors. I would have loved this!


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