Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sydney Olympic Park, Games Memories

'Games Memories', which is also known as 'Forest of Poles', at Sydney Olympic Park is a monument to the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Each pole features memories that made the games special to athletes, volunteers and spectators. The poles are randomly distributed and of varying heights to symbolise the way that people randomly clustered across the Olympic Plaza and Olympic Boulevard during the Games.


  1. And is there any mention of the fact that they sent us broke? Sorry, but I'm really narky about the Olympics.

  2. Love those poles and I don't mean Poland or the well hung.

  3. I already like how it looks, but do the poles have any special marker or memento on them?

  4. Yes Hilda, these poles have lots of momentos associated with them. Some of the poles have facts and stories from the olympic games, while others feature the names of the volunteers involved.


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