Sunday, 23 September 2018

Paddington, New Manse

The New Manse stands beside the former St John's Presbyterian Church, along Regent Street, in the inner city suburb of Paddington. This heritage listed, two storey building was designed by Charles H. Slatyer and built in 1904 in the Federation Arts and Crafts architectural style. It was built as the home of the minister replacing the Old Manse built in 1845, on the other side of the church along Oxford Street. It was restored and redeveloped  and is now home to a cosmetic clinic.


  1. Wonderful picture. Very interesting architecture.
    Have a nice Sunday, Jim.

  2. The cream bricks and timber ornamentation to the external facade were very Edwardian and highly desirable

  3. Very nice looking place, like the covered balcony

  4. I was startled to see it called the "New Manse" but then you explained it. Interesting post!

  5. A grand old building, covered in shadows. Thanks for joining in the fun at Shadow Shot Sunday 2!

  6. I love old buildings like these. Long may it stand.


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