Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Randwick, school

The heritage listed classroom buildings of Randwick Public School are located along Cowper Street, in the eastern suburb of Randwick. The trees in the playground prevent a clear view of them from the street but the leaves drop in winter, making it easier.


  1. For an 1880s building, Randwick looks less like the normal monumental primary school model, and more modern and elegant. My brother in law went to Randwick, but I thought it was his high school.

  2. Quite an impressive, but welcoming building. It must look amazing in Spring with the leafy trees.

  3. So true, I can imagine when leaves are on the trees, most of the building will be obstructed from view. And it's such a pretty one to show and share with All Seasons -thank you! Have a fabulous week! Junieper/jesh


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