Monday, 7 December 2009

Newtown, flour mill

The Crago Flour Mills was a big industrial area beside the railway lines in the inner city suburb of Newtown. This is being redeveloped into a residential estate, with many new apartment buildings being built on the site but also many of the historic factory buildings and silos have been retained and converted into flats.


  1. Next time I go across to Newtown to dine with my son (next Wed) I will seek these out. I am entranced by the old signs.

  2. nice reflection about the ongoing battle of time and its results.
    guess bread tasted better when flour came out of such mills.
    a wonderful start into the new week for you.

  3. I like seeing old buildings like this being preserved and made useful once again!

  4. we have a flour mill like your in Auckland, may be they had the same boss.

  5. Lovely picture of the old flour mill! What a fantastic building. :)


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