Tuesday, 8 December 2009


In the inner city suburb of Zetland, the high rise blocks of flats (top) built on redeveloped industrial land at one end are quite a contrast to the low rise terrace houses (bottom) built in an older residential area at the other end. The suburb was named for Thomas Dundas, the 2nd Earl of Zetland, who was a friend of Governor Sir Hercules Robinson, who served as the Governor of New South Wales in the 1870s.


  1. The high rise is like a creeping disease in Zetland, Waterloo and Alexandria. Much to my disgust!!

    I so love a terraced street whether in Zetland or in Paddington.

  2. I am so envious that you have summer now, while we are just starting our winter season. Brrrr....

    But that sun from your photos is nice :)

  3. Lovely shot! High rise does indeed seem to be taking over the world -- regardless of where you live -- some areas are just worse than others!

    Have a great week!


  4. those terraced houses look nice. that block of flats looked almost like a hotel at first.

  5. That high building was cool to me. At least the facade had good proportions and it fitted there pretty nicely. Besides, in that kind of weather everything looks good!

  6. Great building, with the blue sky in the back ground.

    Yellow car in the next image is also good.
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  7. I liked the buildings in previous posts more. If I could choose, I would rather live in the right ones instead of the buildings on the left.

  8. The low rise houses are cute, but nowadays the high rise building are taking over. Great shots.

  9. Julian Davis, I'm glad you liked the yellow ute parked out the front of those terrace houses. It was actually the reason I chose that particular row of terraces to photograph.


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