Saturday, 19 December 2009

Kogarah, Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is in Kogarah Town Square, outside Kogarah Library. In recent years, many local area councils have begun to decorate their main streets, pedestrian malls or suburban squares at Christmas time.


  1. Very blue and clear sky..and the Christmas tree is tall wow!!

    Clear Sky

  2. Hi JBar. Beautiful sky and it's nice that the public spaces are decorated. The fence around the tree reminds me of the ones we used to put up (ages and ages ago) when the kids were rugrats; we lost a few ornaments befeore we started doing that

  3. Thank you for providing me with an ongoing feeling of home.
    Please have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I think I'd like the holiday season much more if it were warm and sunny in December here.

  5. A bright and colourful christmas Kogarah. I always feel the railway station there looks grotty but your picture blows away that felling.

  6. diane, railway stations can look grotty, wherever they are. It can be a whole other world if you venture further away, sometimes even a short distance.


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