Sunday, 6 December 2009

Newtown, Mission Uniting Church

The Mission Uniting Church is located along King Street, in the inner city suburb of Newtown. This heritage listed church was designed by Allan Mansfield and built in 1864 in the Victorain Gothic architectural style. The interior was extensively altered in 1875 interior and stained glass windows were installed in 1882. It features the Revelation Ceiling, a giant mural based on the biblical book of Revelation which spans 300 square metres and covers the entire ceiling. St Joseph's Catholic Church is another church built in the same year.


  1. I do not suppose you know the age of these buildings one would think they are in the uk. excellent pics buildings are not the easiest of subjects to photograph. shade etc gives the wrong angles.

  2. Two wonderful photos of some heavenly churches!

  3. Both are very beautiful! I really like all those arches!

  4. I know the Mission but not St Josephs. Does St Josephs have a graveyard?

  5. Tony, I'll try and find some more info on these churches.
    Julie, it's St Stephens that I featured yesterday that has the graveyard nearby.


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